Clyde Services,
for the Life of
Your Boiler
When it comes to maintaining your boiler’s efficiency, Clyde Industries provides you with a full range of services from supplying spare parts, installation, commissioning, and training of service personnel. Our comprehensive support covers the entire lifespan of cleaning equipment and streamlines the procurement process for our customers.
Fitness-to-Operate (FTO) Program
We are committed to delivering a high quality Fitness-to-Operate (FTO) program to help our customers properly maintain their sootblowers in the most cost effective way. The program focuses on three levels of maintenance to guarantee a safe and reliable plant operation.
Product Support Programs
  • Total Cost of Ownership Reduction
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Component Exchange
  • Parts Supply
  • Fixed Price Term Agreement
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Process Improvements
  • Fitness-to-Operate (FTO) Assessments
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Training
  • Sootblower Availability
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Service Supervision
  • Inspections/Walkdowns
Provide well trained and experienced service technicians for any sootblower needs
Service Technicians have all the safety requirements necessary
Take site specific training to meet individual companies requirements
General Repair, Predictive
Maintenance + Supervision
  • Provide well trained and experience service technicians
    for repairs and/or maintenance
  • Inspect sootblowers for needed maintenance or repairs
  • Complete any necessary work such as the following:
    • Replace Carriages/Gearboxes
    • Replace Lance and/or Feed Tubes
    • Replace Motors
    • Replace Rack
    • Replace Poppet Valves
    • Troubleshoot and repair electrical issues
2 men examining equipment
Maintenance Contracts
Clyde Industries has multiple maintenance contracts in place. These vary in scope and requirements
and can be set up based on specific customer requirements

Examples of typical contracts would be:

  • Quarterly visit by a service technician to inspect, perform preventive maintenance and make minor repairs
  • Monthly visits by a service technician to inspect, perform preventive maintenance and make minor or major repairs
  • Full time maintenance where Clyde Industries has service technicians onsite handling all the sootblower needs for preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades
  • Fixed-price maintenance contracts:
    • Based on an initial detailed review of the boiler cleaning equipment, desired parameters are defined jointly with the customer.
    • These may include an equipment availability guarantee, spare parts storage plans, an on-call response service or staff training
    • A custom fixed-price offer addressing this specific scope is then developed by our service team
  • Contracts can be tied to sootblower availability
  • Contracts can also include parts

Training personnel to operate and maintain equipment properly and safely is the most effective way to ensure reliable plant performance. We offer a variety of training programs for our systems for your operations and maintenance personnel.

We offer a variety of training courses to assist our customers in utilizing Boiler Efficiency technology to maintain their plant systems.

We offer:

  • Full training programs designed to instruct your personnel to operate, overhaul and maintain the equipment supplied
  • Individual training to create more efficient personnel
  • Lectures as well as hands-on-training