Equipment Condition
Clyde Industries provides a comprehensive analysis of all components of the existing cleaning system including sootblowers, interconnecting wiring, controls, supply and drain piping, associated valves, and instrumentation. The assessment is designed to quantify the system’s reliability and integrity by defining the condition of the system components and defines the requirements associated with bringing the system’s availability to an acceptable level in the event a deficiency exists.

The objective of this assessment is to provide management with a comprehensive and itemized statement regarding the suitability of the equipment to reliably operate at a 95% availability level and identify any deficiencies that would preclude the equipment from being available at the 95% level.

Each component of the cleaning system is inspected for current operability as well as longevity and suitability for service by factory trained Clyde Industries technicians. The inspections are principally visual with certain pieces of equipment requiring operation to determine their condition. Operation of any equipment is coordinated with the control room through the plant designee.

The output of the inspections will include a completed Life Cycle Assessment Report, which identifies the current condition of the system component as well as its condition relative to its product life cycle. The deficiencies precluding the acceptable reliability level are itemized and corrective action(s) are provided which will bring the equipment to the acceptable level. Any upgrades to modern technologies that are available for the equipment that may be of benefit to the plant is also listed at this time.