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the world's leading Boiler Cleaning operations expert.
Our equipment, technology, field service and knowledge is unmatched in the industry, creating significant value over the entire lifecycle of your sootblower.

Fitness to


Clyde Bergemann (Atlanta) is now Clyde Industries. Clyde Industries is the preeminent provider of highly engineered boiler efficiency/cleaning systems, spare parts and services for the global pulp & paper industry and a leader in providing equipment and aftermarket part solutions for industrial applications with a top flight team operating in North America, South America, Scandinavia and Indonesia. Clyde Industries has developed significant innovations in our core sootblower offering, encompassing mission critical technologies designed to remove residue and deposits that build up in recovery and power boilers (with such residue creating safety hazards, process efficiency reductions or complete boiler shutdown if not properly eliminated).

Clyde Industries not only provides the equipment, but a host of related services and aftermarket assistance to support our customers’ operations, with a particular focus on and expertise in helping established and emerging pulp & paper customers. Clyde Industries is constantly innovating to expand its offerings with a focus on continuing to drive increased value for customers. As a global leader of highly engineered industrial applications and service provider of the highest caliber, Clyde Industries looks forward to building on its history of innovation and superior customer-centric solutions.

On-load Boiler Cleaning Systems
We offer an extensive range of cleaning devices specifically designed for the different cleaning requirements within a boiler by applying various cleaning methods and nozzles as well as nozzle arrangements. Boiler components we service include:
Air Preheater/Gas-Gas Heater
Fitness-to-Operate (FTO) Program

The FTO program is the best way to ensure the proper maintenance of your sootblowers. If they are not adequately maintained, or if critical issues are not addressed early, sootblowers can pose a significant threat to personal injury and costly damage to the surrounding equipment. Aging equipment requires more attention and a lack of capably trained maintenance personnel can often run the sootblowers to failure.

man inspecting pipes
Service, Maintenance + Training
Clyde Industries offers a wide range of services to our customers across the industry. We work on equipment in the Pulp & Paper Industry, Power Industry, Waste to Energy, Petrochemical and many more. Our people are there when you need us to assist our customers with reliability and operational excellence.
Spare Parts
Individual parts suffer wear and tear. We provide all replacement and spare parts and makes them readily available, allowing our customers to count on their production and rely on continual quality.