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Clyde Industries plays a vital role in shaping boiler-cleaning technology. We can meet the specific requirements within a boiler by applying various cleaning methods, nozzles and nozzle arrangements into our technology. As industry pioneers, we were the first to successfully apply water for furnace cleaning and were quick to adapt a demand-driven boiler cleaning system that responds to actual deposit buildup, rather than operating under a fixed cleaning schedule.
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SMART Clean is the next generation boiler cleaning optimization system that is designed to realize plant’s performance and operational objectives regardless of the changes in factors influencing the slagging and fouling conditions in the boiler. The system accomplishes the plant targets by using real time intelligent feedback.
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SMART Controls
SMART Controls is an open architecture, centralized management system that applies the latest technology to control your boiler cleaning devices. Our best-in-class software and hardware technology allows us to customize each SMART Controls installation according to our client’s needs.

A SMART Controls system is comprised of one or more PLC-based control panels that link to either a Windows PC operator interface or Industrial Touch Panel Interface. SMART Controls can easily integrate with the plant Distributed Control System (DCS). The DCS may serve as the primary interface for day-to-day operations, with the SMART Controls system operating in the background for configuration and reporting.


  • More features than any management system on the market
  • Cost-effective
  • Most compatible and economical system to upgrade