Image of a Wall Blower
VS-H Wall Blower
The VS-H wall blower fully retracts from the furnace when not in use to protect the nozzle and screw tube from exposure to high heat conditions. The Wall Blower VS-H is used for furnace cleaning.
  • Extends boiler availability and increases boiler efficiency
  • Checks deposit buildup regardless of boiler operation, fuel mixture or fuel quantity
  • Prevents slagging in the furnace area
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Optimizes cleaning effect and minimizes consumption of steam, water and air
How it Works
Wall Blower VS-H: A nozzle head with a high-performance nozzle is axially moved into the boiler. The nozzle head reaches its desired position and begins the blowing process. The nozzle cleans the wall as it spins. A special control of the valve is also available to enable the cleaning of specific segments. The nozzle head returns to its rest position after performing the necessary number of cleaning rotations.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • High-temperature-resistant nozzle head and stainless steel feed tube
  • High-performance nozzles for high-cleaning efficiency
  • Temperature-resistant nozzle head
  • External adjustable poppet valve for easy blowing pressure adjustment
Diagram of Wall Blower