Rotary Sootblower
The Rotary Sootblower can be used to clean convection surfaces, heat exchangers with slight contamination. The blowing tube/element of this sootblower remains in the boiler at all times and is supported by element bearings that are usually attached to the boiler tubes. Specially designed nozzles are located on the component, as required for each installation. Saturated or superheated steam, as well as compressed air, may be used as the blowing medium.
  • Tested and proven in the most severe operating conditions around the world
  • Can be configured to provide a blowing arc of between 30o and 360o
  • Extended boiler availability and increased boiler efficiency
  • Checks for deposit buildup
  • Prevents fouling and blockages in the superheater, economizer and air heater
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency and reduces gas exit temperatures.
  • Reliable and simple to maintain
  • Optimizes cleaning effect with minimal use of steam, water and air
How it Works
The blowing tube/element is equipped with nozzles along its entire length and rotates in the path of the flue gas. The blowing process is done in a rotating movement and a special control valve enables cleaning of specific segments. The blowing process ends when the necessary number of rotations has been performed. The blowing tube/element remains in the flue gas path.
  • Temperature resistant blowing tube material, high performance nozzle and stainless feed tube material
  • Modular design with external adjustable poppet valve to control blowing pressure
  • Cantilever support design eliminates the need for rear support requirements
Illusration of rotating elemet