Boiler Monitoring + Diagnostics
Clyde Industries supplies advanced boiler monitoring and diagnostic technologies that enables plant engineers and operators to monitor internal furnace slagging conditions, heat transfer, and other process information. Our reliable and proven monitoring products include: SMART Sensors, SMART Gauge, Infrared Video Camera, and Infrared Gas Temperature Pyrometer. The Infrared Camera and Infrared Pyrometers can be either portable or fixed.
Graphic illustrating sensory systems
SMART Sensor
As part of Clyde Industries' SMART Clean™ system, our intelligent boiler cleaning system, the SMART Sensors™ accurately measure heat flux and tube temperature of a particular furnace wall area. The input from each sensor is forwarded to our SMART Controls™ for processing using especially developed algorithms to determine whether an area is clean or dirty. Only when and where necessary SMART Controls™ then activates the local sootblower, whether it is a water cannon, a water lance or a steam wallblower, therefore eliminating over cleaning and tube leakage. In addition, based on the sensor feedback, suitable cleaning parameters such as blowing pressures and operating speeds will be selected.
SMART Gauges are specialized strain gauges which can be mounted to the hanger rods supporting the superheat and reheat pendants. Through the use of this patented technology, Clyde Industries is able to determine the exact quantity and location of ash deposits. This is achieved so accurately that individual sootblower operations can be selectively initiated and monitored as part of an intelligent sootblowing system.

Core Benefits of SMART Gauge system:

  • Identification, targeting and elimination of large clinkers and outages due to clinker falls
  • Reduce fouling and prevent plugging.
  • Increase heat transfer.
  • Use information to drive intelligent sootblowing, only clean when and where is needed.
  • Reduce steam usage.
Infrared Video Camera
Clyde Industries' Infrared Camera delivers clear images of the slagging condition, smelt bed, the liquor guns, or the high-temperature superheat and reheat areas above the furnace. Clyde Industries’s Infrared Camera utilizes optimized mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detector technology which provides high resolution pictures. The camera can be fix mounted on the boiler or portable. For cameras mounted on the boiler, the standard camera system will come with standard offerings which include: Automatic Retract, Automatic Port Cleaner, Controls, Rack Mount, and Software. Retract assembly will automatically retract the camera if low air pressure is detected or camera temperature is too high.
Infrared Pyrometer

Clyde Industries provides industrial infrared temperature and gas measurement experience to the development of a new system solution specifically designed to more effectively monitor the Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) in boiler furnaces. The FEGT system is easy to install and maintain, even while the boiler is online. Operators can permanently mount the system outside the furnace on a port installed on a standard observation door to sight on the midstream of the gas exit path. The installation allows the door to be unobstructed so that it can be opened for visual inspections as required.

Benefits of the Infrared Pyrometer include:

  • Minimize unwanted slag accumulation and fouling by controlling FEGT below the ash fusion point.
  • Maximize boiler efficiency by running under optimal load conditions.
  • Prevent failures by continuously and proactively monitoring the furnace temperature. Minimize unscheduled outages and reduced power conditions.
  • Optimize and Tune heat transfer by monitoring FEGT under varying process conditions. Measure and quantify trade-offs of heat rate and NOx & SO2 emissions.
  • Determine precisely when to take corrective actions and initiate soot-blowing operations. Minimize sootblowing operations to increase pendant lifetime.