Image of retractable sootblower
Clyde Industries retractable sootblowers offer excellent results in cleaning performance. All of our retractable sootblowers are designed according to the conditions within steam generators to ensure trouble-free operation. With the most effective cleaning nozzle on the market, the cleaning impact of our retractable sootblower is maximized with a minimal amount of blowing media. Every retractable sootblower comes standard with our industry leading multiple blowing pattern (multi-progressive helix indexing) system. By indexing inside the gearbox using a clutch, we eliminate problems such as pinion and gear rack failures found in other systems. Retractable sootblowers are available in different versions for specific requirements and can travel up to 66 ft.
  • Less need for spare parts
  • Extended packing life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hot-dipped galvanized housing with lifetime warranty
  • Balanced design drive system
How it Works
A lance tube with two opposing high-performance nozzles is helically moved into the flue gas path. The blowing process begins shortly after the two nozzles have passed through the boiler wall. The lance tube continues to move helically into the flue gas path during the blowing process. On reaching the front-side end position, the direction of movement changes and the lance tube returns to its rest position.
  • Integrated droop correction guides the nozzle head close to the optimum sootblower centerline
  • Integrated multi-blowing pattern for a more complete cleaning with minimum erosion to the heating surface
  • High temperature resistant lance tube and stainless steel feed tube material
  • Double-rack drive design for minimum stress and high stability
  • Two high-performance nozzles for high cleaning efficiency
Illustration of retractable sootblower