High Power Low Pressure sootblower
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Low Pressure
High Power Low Pressure Sootblowers are cost-saving alternatives to high steam pressure boilers. RSP-H is our new generation of sootblowers, designed to produce a cleaning force equivalent to that of a higher-pressure sootblower. Our high power low pressure sootblowing technology generates more power while improving profitability, enabling a return on user’s investment in less than one year operation.
RSP-H High Power Low Pressure Sootblower

The RSP-H sootblower is a cost-saving alternative to high-pressure steam boilers. It utilizes lower-pressure steam to produce a cleaning force equivalent to that of a higher-pressure sootblower. This is accomplished through:

  • Specially designed valves and steam nozzles that maximize the effectiveness of low-pressure steam.
  • Improved targeting and increased steam flow.
  • Redirecting high-pressure steam toward the steam turbine to generate additional power.
High-Performance Contoured Fully Expanded Nozzle (CFE III)
  • The CFE III sootblower nozzle provides up to twice the cleaning power of a conventional nozzle without consuming additional cleaning medium like steam or air.
  • The CFE III allows the high-pressure blowing medium to fully expand within the nozzle before exiting into the boiler.
  • This eliminates the loss of energy due to the shock waves, typically produces by conventional nozzles.
  • The CFE III generates a jet with a much higher Peak Impact Pressure (PIP).
CFE III-LE (Leading Edge) Nozzles
  • The CFEIII-LE builds upon the technology of the CFE III to extend boiler runtimes by targeting hard to reach deposits.
  • The CFEIII-LE uses a new deposit removal mechanism called “debonding,” which uses a torque-angle cleaning pattern to remove heavy deposits. This minimizes the likelihood of deposit build-up that could bring the recovery boiler offline.