Intelligent Sootblowing
System for Power
SMART Clean™ Intelligent Sootblowing System is the next generation of boiler cleaning optimization systems. It is designed to recognize the plant’s performance and operational objectives, regardless of changes in factors that influence the slagging and fouling conditions of the boiler.
A SMART Clean system is designed to intelligently respond to the heat transfer in the boiler, using real-time intelligent feedback. SMART Clean is an on-demand cleaning system that targets fouled areas with precision while avoiding those areas that have already been cleaned. This is a cost-effective solution to improve your boiler’s efficiency, reduce steam consumption and eliminate outages due to clinker falls and tube leaks.
Reduced the amount of cleaning media

Reduces erosion of the heating surface

Improved heat transfer and process efficiency

Reduced furnace exit gas temperatures

Control deposit formation

Reduced furnace exit gas temperatures

Stable flue gas temperatures at full load operation

Increased flexibility while firing fuel mixes

Reduced shutdowns and damage

SMART Clean Process Summary
The principle goal of SMART Clean™ is to preserve boiler efficiency by incorporating all necessary engineering knowledge to on-load boiler cleaning in a demand-driven and intelligent way. The system accomplishes this by processing the data through different steps of evaluation.
Step 1
In this step, the system evaluates all the recommended cleaning actions using current process data and stored operating events information. The most suitable cleaning strategy will then be selected and initiated.
Step 2
Intelligent software modules continuously analyze and interpret data in real-time, providing recommendations on where, how and when to clean.
Step 3
The recommendations are passed through the decision level where different sensors monitor important process information and provide key data for analysis.
3 steps to cleaning process
SMART Systems
Graphic illustrating sensory systems
Sensor Systems
SMART Flux Sensor
SMART Flux sensors continuously measure the heat flux in the furnace.
Infrared Pyrometer
Infrared Pyrometer continuously measures the flame and gas temperature in the furnace, in a nonintrusive way.
SMART Gauge Sensor
SMART Gauge sensors measure the development of deposit build up in the superheater and reheater by analyzing weight changes of heat exchanger bundles over time.
Software Systems
SMART Furnace
SMART Furnace monitors and evaluates the deposit buildup in a furnace, and defines the appropriate cleaning action.
SMART Convection/Thermodynamic Model
SMART Convection reads the deposit situation in the convection area to optimize boiler cleaning.
SMART Controls
As the control center of SMART Clean™, SMART Controls interprets the recommendations made from SMART Furnace and SMART Convection and determines the optimal cleaning strategy to maximize boiler efficiency.