Image of automatic port cleaners
Multiple Rod Cleaner
The patented “index cleaning” technology design of the Clyde Industries APC allows for the lowest risk of cleaning failure and lowest operating cost of any port cleaner on the market. By vertically indexing the serrated cleaning tip, the APC gradually cleans the entire port area with the least amount of mechanical stress. Reliable port cleaners virtually eliminates the risks associated with exposing personnel with manually rodding ports or production upsets because of an inability to clean tough deposits or jammed rods. This is the only system that can clean continually during normal boiler operation, and most of the time during disturbances.
  • Indexing cleans a small portion of port with each stroke
  • Small section of port cleaned results in less mechanical stress
  • Small cleaning tip profile makes the tip very difficult to stick
  • Built-in spare cutting edges result in 3 to 4 times cleaning life of all competitor units
  • Cleans very difficult char
  • Small cleaning tip does not obstruct air flow
  • Cleaning tip at rest behind nozzle
  • Large diameter air cylinder provides over 1000 PSI of cleaning force
  • High performance air cylinder designed to last 4 years
Multiple rod cleaner diagram