Image of rapping system
Our pneumatic single rapper, SMART Rapping, system is specially developed to clean horizontal pathways in industrial boiler superheaters. SMART Rapping can be applied to remove deposits from heating and reaction surfaces, without using any additional cleaning medium like steam, air or water. The individually adjustable impact energy of our pneumatic single rapper permits target optimization of the heating procedure and ensures the overall efficiency of the evaporators, superheaters and economizers.
  • Extended boiler-operating time
  • Lower cost of operation and maintenance
  • Increased efficiency in evaporators, superheaters and economizers
  • Operational feedback to the control room
  • Maximized thermal efficiency and reduced gas exit temperatures
How it Works
The superheater is cleaned by means of mechanical hammers or by pneumatically driven impact cylinders. Rapping the polluted heating tubes causes oscillation that shakes off material buildup from the superheater pathways. Difficult to access pathways can be reached with the help of individual rappers.
  • Optional rapping system noise protection
  • Individually adjustable impact energy
  • Wear indicator of cylinders
  • Flue gas admission control in positively pressurized boiler units
Illustraton of rapping diagram