Fitness-to-Operate Program

The FTO program is the best way to ensure the proper maintenance of your sootblowers. If they are not adequately maintained, or if critical issues are not addressed early, sootblowers can pose a significant threat to personal injury and costly damage to the surrounding equipment. Aging equipment requires more attention and a lack of capably trained maintenance personnel can often run the sootblowers to failure.

With three levels of maintenance focus, our high-quality FTO program helps customers maintain their sootblowers in the most systematic and cost-effective way.
Basic Maintenance + Emergency Handling
The first level of the FTO program is meant to establish a foundation for the efficient implementation of the next two levels. At this level, the FTO program offers:
Training: A hands-on basic maintenance and emergency handling training approach for the maintenance team.
Sensor Technology: Instruction on how to use our proprietary sensor technology.
Remote Support: Access to Clyde’s engineering recourses, via phone or online, for technical questions or troubleshooting.
Critical Spare Parts: Guaranteed expedited delivery for critical spare parts.
Safety + Reliability
At this level, the Clyde FTO team will provide frequent sootblower safety and reliability inspections. Customers will receive detailed reports about the condition of their sootblowers, along with recommended corrective and predictive actions that our FTO team can perform. The inspections include:
Non-Destructive-Tests (NDT): Examines the weld integrity and Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) to detect potential corrosion or thinning in the tube.
Alignment Inspection: Identifies any sootblower misalignment stress, which can occur when the lance tube is not fully aligned with the sootblower travel path.
Corrosive Boiler Flue Gas in Lance/Feed Tubes Detection: Inspect lance and feed tubes that are susceptible to corrosion and ensures that the scavenging air system is in good condition.
Complexity + Maintenance Cost Reduction
Clyde’s FTO team will provide a semiannual sootblower audit to identify cost-saving and complexity reduction
opportunities. The customer will receive complexity and maintenance cost reduction opportunity reports and a cost-benefit analysis.