Boiler Cleanliness
Evaluation Service
Many coal fired boilers and recovery boilers in paper mills are currently faced with a substantial challenge resulting from a combination of legislative pressure, economic pressure, and equipment which has surpassed its primary life cycle.

These forces are demanding the boilers to produce more, run longer, operate more efficiently, and produce lower emissions levels while burning a wider variety of coals for which the plants were not designed, or operating at a much higher capacity than the boiler was initially designed.

In response to this need and the demand to quantify each boiler’s cleanliness situation Clyde Industries, as the world’s leader in boiler cleaning technology, offers a Boiler Cleanliness Evaluation Service.

The Boiler Cleanliness Evaluation is a comprehensive service designed to evaluate each station’s current cleanliness situation. The program considers the original boiler design criteria and operating metrics, the age and condition of the station, boiler modifications, fuel variability, future fuel opportunities, as well as current and projected business requirements for the plant.

The output of the program quantifies for station management specific deficiencies, cause and corrective action and the potential opportunities for improvement associated with the corrective actions.