Smart SCS Image
Located on the roof of the boiler, the SMART Shower-Clean System (SCS) cleans the lower side of the roof, membrane walls and plate heating surfaces of the furnace at high flue gas temperatures up to 1,832oF. The SCS uses water as its cleaning medium, is available in different versions to meet specific requirements and has a travel range of up to 72 ft. Umbrella nozzles help the SMART SCS attain the optimum cleaning performance. Jet nozzles can be used in cases of heavy slagging or intensive cleaning.
  • Increased plant availability and reliable cleaning
  • Stable flue gas temperatures
  • Lower risk for high-temperature corrosion and reduced corrosion rate
  • Shorter revision periods
  • Easy cleaning of narrow open passes
How it Works

Water leaves the nozzle head in defined water droplets through a temperature-resistant metal hose. The water evaporates and causes an abrupt increase in volume. The clinkers then drop out. After cleaning, the metal hose and nozzle head are retracted out of the boiler.

Our SMART SCS include

Standalone System SMART SCS-SA: Recommended for open passes with small, uniform cross-section.

Single-Row System SMART SCS-SR: Recommended for boilers with rectangular cross-section where two or more flanges are arranged in a single row.

Multiple-Row System SMART SCS-MR: Recommended for boilers with complex shapes and different cleaning zones.