Clyde Industries Brazil Supplies H-fin Tube Economizers and Evaporators to Waste Heat Boilers for Steel Mill in Brazil

Clyde Industries, a leading provider of boiler efficiency solutions, has received an order from a large steelmaker in Latin America to supply new H-fin tube economizers and evaporators. The new equipment will replace the old spiral-finned tubes at eight existing waste heat boilers installed downstream of the Coke Plant.

The steel mill is located in Rio de Janeiro, and is currently the largest steelmaker in Latin America, producing five million tons of special steel plate per year. The facility produces steel for the automotive, oil and gas, energy, machinery, shipbuilding and other steel related industries in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe.

The project started two years ago with an engineering study using the H-fin tube design to minimize ash clogging in the tubes. In 2019, the customer decided to implement the proposed solution on four of the twelve existing waste heat boilers. After the installation, the new H fin tubes improved the boiler performance through increased steam generation and lowered exhaust gas temperature and gas draft loss. The project extended the runtime of the waste heat boilers, which produced significant improvements in the overall coke production process/efficiency at the facility.

After seeing the successful results, the client decided to replace the economizer and evaporator H-fin tubes in the remaining eight waste heat boilers. Delivery is planned for spring 2020 with an estimated completion in fall 2020.

“The Clyde Industries Brazil team did excellent work assessing the customer’s needs and providing the best solution,” said Dominick Garton, President and CEO, “Their dedication to implementing the best technology and the customer’s recognition of this, produced successful results adding value to the mill’s overall facility operations.”