Steam Saver Sootblowing Technology
Steam Saver
Retractable Sootblower
Steam Saver Retractable Sootblowers are cost-saving alternatives to high steam pressure boilers. RSP-H is our new generation of sootblowers, designed to produce a cleaning force equivalent to that of a higher-pressure sootblower. Our Steam Saver sootblowing technology generates more power while improving profitability, enabling a return on user’s investment after 350 days of annual operation.
Illustration of steam saver diagram
RSP-H Steam Saver Sootblower
The RSP-H sootblower is a cost-saving alternative to high-pressure steam boilers. It utilizes lower-pressure steam to produce a cleaning force equivalent to that of a higher-pressure sootblower. This is accomplished through:
Specially designed valves and steam nozzles that maximize the effectiveness of low-pressure steam.
Improved targeting and increased steam flow.
Redirecting high-pressure steam toward the steam turbine to generate additional power.
High-Performance Contoured Fully Expanded Nozzle (CFE III)
The CFE III sootblower nozzle provides up to twice the cleaning power of a conventional nozzle without consuming additional cleaning medium like steam or air.
The CFE III allows the high-pressure blowing medium to fully expand within the nozzle before exiting into the boiler.
This eliminates the loss of energy due to the shock waves, typically produces by conventional nozzles.
The CFE III generates a jet with a much higher Peak Impact Pressure (PIP).
CFEIII-LE (Leading Edge) Nozzles
The CFEIII-LE builds upon the technology of the CFE III to extend boiler runtimes by targeting hard to reach deposits.
The CFEIII-LE uses a new deposit removal mechanism called “debonding,” which uses a torque-angle cleaning pattern to remove heavy deposits. This minimizes the likelihood of deposit build-up that could bring the recovery boiler offline.