Image of smart retractable sootblower
SMART Retractable
Sootblower (RS)
Our SMART sootblowers are designed to address high variable boiler conditions with on-demand targeted cleaning. We’ve made zone-based cleaning a key feature of the targeted sootblowing system. By defining zones along the path of a single sootblower lance, different cleaning methods can be used to specify where and how intensely the SMART RS cleans.

Thanks to a patented dual Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motor, our SMART sootblowers have the ability to change directions multiple times during a single cleaning event. Ours is the only sootblower that allows for independent traveling and rotational speeds, providing the dynamic ability to clean based on the severity of buildup in a given area.

SMART RS are paired with our SMART Control™ suite. The module integrates into the main system for basic functionality, with a user-friendly operator interface. SMART sootblowers can be programed to run in a closed-loop control mode for optimum performance. This allows cleaning to occur when and where it’s needed, with real-time data from our SMART Gauge™ and SMART Convection™ systems.

  • Targeted sootblowing
  • Increased boiler efficiency
  • Dynamic cleaning
  • Eliminates slag/tube erosion related shutdowns
Our SMART RS systems include

SMART RS for Utility Boilers

Smart RS for Recover Boilers: Designed the same as our Utility sootblower, with the addition of a stainless steel lance tip and an internal purge line to remove salt cake from the lance.

SMART RX: For utility boilers that require longer travel blowers (35’-55’). Designed with a heavy-duty canopy for higher loads, center support and lance tube life and lance droop-correction front plate.